Software Development Path

If you’re interested in getting started as a software developer but don’t know where to begin, our Software Development Path is the best place to start. This educational program provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of software development. It covers the fundamentals of this career path in depth while still going at a pace that complete novices can understand, making it the ideal option for anyone interested in the career path. By the time you graduate from this program, you’ll have all of the skills, knowledge, and training you need to become a junior software developer and achieve your professional goals within the field.

Software Development & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Software development is an entire field under the larger umbrella of information technology. As a result, professionals in the sector have a wide range of career opportunities. Just because you start out as a junior software developer doesn’t mean that’s where you have to stay. The Software Development and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp provides participants with the skills and insights they need to succeed as entrepreneurial software developers. The program covers the fundamentals of software development to provide students with foundational skills and insights. But it also stresses the role of entrepreneurship in the field along with some strategies needed to start a software development business.

Computer science summer program for middle schoolers

Technology has an impact on anything and everything we do, and that influence is only going to grow in the future. With Saman Technology Solutions, LLC’ online boot camp, you can give your middle schooler a headstart by equipping them with the insights and capabilities they need for a successful and rewarding future.

This summer program provides an opportunity to the students (grades 5-8) to learn basics of Computer Animation, computer programming using Python Programming Language, and Android App Development.

Computer Technology Training

Our Computer Technology Training Courses are stand-alone training programs with the specific goal of helping students master a particular skill. These courses are primarily training based while our other programs focused a good deal on education. The goal is to have students become proficient in a certain ability important to the field of software development.